Sun Technology Day

Dopo la scorsa edizione, ho deciso di partecipare anche quest’anno.


Il Sun Technology Day si terrà nuovamente presso:
Giovedì 4 Maggio 2009
Aula Magna – Piano Interrato
Università degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope
Centro Direzionale – Isola C4
Napoli 80134

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How to survive within Single User Mode


Maybe, a lot of you know what Single User Mode is and how to recover your’s filesystem.
In this short article i’ll talk about zfs on OpenSolaris.
I’m using IndianaOpenSolaris, build 98.
I’m not a zfs skilful user, but i try to share my little knowlege with you.

Few weeks ago, for my experiments i broke one of my filesystem’s config file. So i couldn’t boot anymore. For my bad lucky star 😀 i hadn’t the possibility to access as Single User and all my installating dvd didn’t allow me to do.
There were few minutes of panic because, yes, i have a backup of my most important files but all the work of configuration, customization shall go to fu…* Continua a leggere